How to Resolve & Troubleshoot Office Outlook Crash and Stability, & Fix can’t Send or Receive Email Issues

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  1. Troubleshoot Outlook Can’t Send or Receive E-mail Issue

For Outlook customers, it is imperative to understand how to use different features of Outlook email client app in a proper way. The features of Outlook, like themes, attachments, group messages, calendar and much more are getting popularity among email users. But at times these features may give you some unexpected intricacies when it comes to sending or receiving messages in your mailbox. In such a situation, you need an immediate Outlook technical support for fixing the issues of sending or receiving e-mails. For this, you need to dial Microsoft® Outlook technical support phone number for help on how to troubleshoot Outlook can’t send or receive e-mail issue. In addition, you can opt for a third party tech support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

  • At the beginning, click to opt for the manually configure server settings check box suitably.
  • Hit Next.
  • You need to click Internet E-mail.
  • Hit Next.
  • Just click Next, and follow the prompts to wrap up setting up your account, and then hit on Finish option.
  • Finally, your new profile is created and with this go to step 4.

You can visit Microsoft® Outlook technical support for help on fixing the issues of send or receive e-mails after your Internet connection is restored. To get an appropriate 360-degree tech support, you need to dial a customer support toll-free number.


  1. Microsoft looks into Outlook 2016 Issues that Affect POP3 Users

Microsoft Outlook 2016 has many attractive emailing features which help you to manage your emails in a convenient manner. It is the best email app which can be easily used on any device anytime, anywhere by Outlook users. With Outlook, users can easily assign categories to different items, like calendar appointment, message, task, and much more. But it may happen that while using Outlook 2016 assigning task on computer system, they face some technical issues, like duplicate emails or message deletion. According to the recent reports, Microsoft is investigating for an issue that when users try to use Outlook 2016 with POP3 accounts their e-mail gets automatically deleted from servers or it creates duplications of e-mails. For this, you can visit Microsoft® Outlook webpage for support on e-mail deletions from servers or duplications of e-mails in user in-boxes.

You can also approach a third party tech support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, to resolve the technical issues. Many users have complained about duplicate e-mails messages on their computer system screen in a Microsoft forum. In order to resolve the issue, Microsoft has introduced the patch to troubleshoot these technical issues. The patch is supposed to add some feature improvements, counting support for a new fixing tool.

Unfortunately, POP3 users confronted heaps of difficulties and complained that they had received 10,000 duplicate e-mails on their system screen frequently. Users can dial customer service number and get Microsoft Outlook help on 2016 issues in an instant manner. By dialing the toll-free phone number, you can successfully get the right tech support for fixing Microsoft Outlook 2016 issues. Read more at

  1. How to Resolve Crash and Stability Issues in Office Programs

Outlook is the popular email client app for the professional customers because of the significant number of emailing features linked to it. It is a totally free webmail service that can be used to send and receive messages to your colleagues and clients. It contains lots of outstanding features, like note taking, task manager, web browsing, calendar, and contact manager. While using your favorite app if you discover that your Outlook is not responding, hanging or getting crashed on your Windows, then you need to contact a certified Outlook technician. For this, you can take Microsoft® support to troubleshoot Outlook crashes and hangs issues. To get a perfect tech support on such kind of issues, you can contact a third party tech support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.

In case you want to fix the common issues of Outlook crashing or hanging, you need to dial a customer support toll-free number. The phone number will help you in troubleshooting your Outlook issues in an instant manner.

Let’s follow the below-mentioned steps to avoid Outlook hangs or crashes issues in an Office 365 environment:

Step 1: Investigate probable troubles with add-ins

  • If you are running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, hit Start.
  • If you are running Windows XP, hit Start, and Run respectively.
  • You need to type Outlook /safe, and simply click OK.
  • If the trouble is fixed, then quickly hit Options, and click on Add-Ins option.
  • Choose COM Add-ins, and simply click on Go option.
  • Just hit to clear the entire checkboxes, and hit OK.


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