2 Important Tips to Toggle Off the Sensitivity of Junk Email Filter in Outlook


Unquestionably, Microsoft adds a reliable email filter tool to the Outlook email program so as to make it efficient enough to fight against possible spam and malicious elements. However, some users look forward to using more advanced filter tool so as to ensure a complete protection against all possible threats and online malicious programs. But Outlook will never allow you to run more than one mail filter at a time – doing so can result in severe technical problems. In that case, you need to customize or disable the sensitivity of Junk Email Filter in Outlook email program.

Here in this write-up, we will go through two important tips to turn off the email filter successfully. By default, the tool is installed in the email program and the protection level is tuned at the low level. The set up features are pretty capable of arresting obvious malware programs that may possibly hit your email program. However, you cannot ensure an overall protection – you may be looking for installing other filter tool as well.

Whether you have to turn off the feature or install new email filter onto your Outlook email program, you should always ensure you have a direct access to the Microsoft Outlook technical support. Some possible threats do always loom large in such conditions – visit Microsoft support page or contact a third-party professional and get a real time support.

Method 1: Select “No Automatic Filtering”

  • Open your Outlook email and search “Junk” option and click on it
  • It opens up a drop-down list, click “Junk Email Options”
  • Now it opens a separate box having some options, select “No Automatic Filtering” option that is seen on the top in the list
  • Now click OK and save the changes that you have made

Method 2: Add “DisableAntiSpam” to Registry Value

It’s a different way to make a change in your Outlook email application – adding “DisableAntiSpam” registry value requires some advanced steps. If you are a novice user and you don’t known about the technical process anymore, you contact a reliable technician. For Outlook support visit here or dial Microsoft support number to reach Microsoft tech support team to help you disable Outlook junk email filter in a quick without any damage to your important email messages.

Here’re the steps pointed out below:

  • Close down your Outlook and click Start menu
  • Write “regedit” in the search box and press Enter
  • Confirm the permission for Registry Editor, as some PCs look for your permission to make a change in the Registry
  • Browse “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\office\<version>\outlook” in the Registry Editor window
  • Now right click on the Outlook folder
  • Select “New” > “DWORD Value”
  • It opens a new window, rename the value as “DisableAntiSpam”
  • Finally you can now add value to the “Value Data” field. Now type 1 in the value field

Once after completing the steps, mentioned above, now you can restart your Outlook email program and get the email program reset in accordance with your requirements. In case of any technical hassle, you can contact a technician. If you are looking for Outlook support phone number dial here or contact Microsoft support to get help on disabling Outlook junk email filters successfully.

Always keep the malicious elements away from your email program:

Whichever way you choose to fight against malware programs, you need to ensure there is no impending threat or malicious spam in your email. It’s all about the pledge that you should stick with for always – whether you ensure the same using default email spam filter or other third-party application.


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