How to Change Back The Message List Look In Outlook 2013 Or Outlook 2016

Moving up to Outlook 2016 from Outlook 2013 is very simple and you most likely need less time to redesign the most recent rendition. Actually, if the new form of Outlook wasn’t about the new default “vivid” topic, then you would scarcely see the move up to Outlook 2016 at first sight.

This new topic is really a part of the Office 365 system where the new significant elements are likewise presented amid the lifetime of the present variant, as in Outlook 2013.

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Purposes behind Changes in the message list in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016

  • There is an adjustment in the message list in Outlook 2013.
  • A blue bar now speaks to the mail symbols.
  • The subject is presently in blue.
  • The name of the sender is shown bigger than the rest.
  • The first line of a message is presently being shown.

Presently, you can even change the topic for your inbox by applying taking after strides:

  • Tap on the lace toolbar and select change View.
  • You can likewise choose from preset perspectives like one that shows the latest messages as it were.
  • In the View tab, you can pick message sees and settle on off to kill the review.
  • Or, essentially pick 1, 2 or 3 to view that number of lines of the message underneath its header.
  • You can likewise design any of these choices either for the present organizer to all letter boxes.
  • Tap see settings for choices for altering a view, for example, including segments or modifying their request.
  • The Arrangement alternatives let you sort messages by Date, Subject et cetera.
  • The Layout choices let you redo the Folder Pane and Reading Pane.

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To change the topic in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016:

  • In the Ribbon, select View
  • Within the View tab, select Change View
  • In the Manage All Views discourse, select <Current see settings>, then select [Modify… ]
  • Select [Conditional Formatting… ]
  • Notice the [Font… ] design, with the pleasant delicate blue textual style shading
  • Simply select Color and change from Custom to Black
  • Apply the view to all envelopes
  • From a similar view menu, select Change View
  • Select Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders.

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Small Businesses is to Take Advantage of New Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) Tool


For last several years, Microsoft has been placing its concentration on developing a dedicated platform within the email program for small businesses. From Office 365 to the latest rolled-out tool Outlook Customer Manager, everything is designed to ease the way and culture how the businesses manage and track their customers’ interaction and transactions in a business environment.

Presently, the tool is being added at no cost to those who use Outlook with Office 365 Business Premium Plan subscriptions. Afterward, it will be made available worldwide for the users.

As you run a small business, you are already informed of the challenges that a businessman comes across while keeping a track record of the communication and following up the scheduled events. Outlook Customer Manager is perfectly designed to provide you with a comprehensive access to all communications established among your customers. In addition, you can also track the records of ongoing tasks and deals as well.

Once you enable the tool in your Outlook email program, it will start managing customers’ information such as their emails, calls, notes, tasks, deadlines, scheduled meetings, and many more. Interestingly, the tool would automatically sort out all those customers and deals that stay out to be precedence on the list for your business.

It’s a new tool for the businesses that use Outlook with Office 365 for their business establishment. As far as technical support to add the tool to your email program is concerned, you should access a reliable  Microsoft Outlook Tech Support to get a real time solution to overcome any possible trouble.

Get customers’ information without much manual efforts

As Microsoft has continuously been adding new tools and capabilities to its Outlook, it has now made the process more convenient by adding a new tool called Outlook Customer Manager. It utilizes the Office 365 infrastructure to gather customers’ details such as calls, notes, files, tasks, deals, emails, meetings, deadlines, assignments, and others. It brings all the elements in one place so as to help you not to navigate different sections within the Outlook for different requirements. You can simply find out all the stuffs here in Outlook Customer Manager.

Important things will always be on the top:

By introducing Outlook Customer Manager Tool in the email program, you can have all the important things on the top always. It sorts out your important customers and deals and put them into Focused Inbox that helps you work with the most important tasks first.

If you are looking forward to setting up Focused Inbox in your email program without any technical obstacles, you can get the things incorporated in place with the help of a reliable  Outlook Office Technical Help Support service. Go to the official support page and access to reliable technicians who can help you find the best solution in a real time.

Every activity on the same page:

There may appear some sorts of disordered elements if there is no any dedicated tool to help you manage your customers’ information. When several employees talk of the same customers in a business environment, then it may be challenging for you to keep a real-time basis track record of all activities. But with the introduction of Outlook Customer Manager in the email program, you can share the information with concerned team members so as to ensure everyone is on the same page.

On the other hand, it can also help the professionals not to miss out any task if the concerned team member is not available. Other can take the call and carry on the ongoing task smoothly.

What if the business gets larger?

At some point, your business gets larger and the customer base becomes more comprehensive. In such conditions, you cannot keep it up with the tool as smoothly as you were doing the same previously. You should upgrade the system to the latest Dynamics 365 that can help you find the solution with even enhanced customer information together with deeper insight as well.

On-the-go accessibility:

You may not always be in your office to work with the assignment – in that course; you can have an on-the-go accessibility to your scheduled events and tasks through the new capability. It is also available in mobile application that offers you a direct access to the entire customers what you can see at your desktop.

Now start your journey with the Outlook Customer Manager tool:

Finally, you can now get started with the advanced Outlook Customer Manager easily if you are using Office 365 Business Premium. Once you update the email program, you will see an icon in the home section. Simply tap on it and you will see the tool added to the email program. On the other hand, you can also dial toll free  Microsoft Outlook Email Support Number to know more about the procedures that how you can use the tool perfectly.

To join the First Release program of Outlook Customer Manager tool, you need to have the business premium subscription for Office 365. It will be introduced for the public very soon after few months. So get started with the new tool and manage your customers’ information more securely and accurately.

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