How to Change Back The Message List Look In Outlook 2013 Or Outlook 2016

Moving up to Outlook 2016 from Outlook 2013 is very simple and you most likely need less time to redesign the most recent rendition. Actually, if the new form of Outlook wasn’t about the new default “vivid” topic, then you would scarcely see the move up to Outlook 2016 at first sight.

This new topic is really a part of the Office 365 system where the new significant elements are likewise presented amid the lifetime of the present variant, as in Outlook 2013.

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Purposes behind Changes in the message list in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016

  • There is an adjustment in the message list in Outlook 2013.
  • A blue bar now speaks to the mail symbols.
  • The subject is presently in blue.
  • The name of the sender is shown bigger than the rest.
  • The first line of a message is presently being shown.

Presently, you can even change the topic for your inbox by applying taking after strides:

  • Tap on the lace toolbar and select change View.
  • You can likewise choose from preset perspectives like one that shows the latest messages as it were.
  • In the View tab, you can pick message sees and settle on off to kill the review.
  • Or, essentially pick 1, 2 or 3 to view that number of lines of the message underneath its header.
  • You can likewise design any of these choices either for the present organizer to all letter boxes.
  • Tap see settings for choices for altering a view, for example, including segments or modifying their request.
  • The Arrangement alternatives let you sort messages by Date, Subject et cetera.
  • The Layout choices let you redo the Folder Pane and Reading Pane.

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To change the topic in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016:

  • In the Ribbon, select View
  • Within the View tab, select Change View
  • In the Manage All Views discourse, select <Current see settings>, then select [Modify… ]
  • Select [Conditional Formatting… ]
  • Notice the [Font… ] design, with the pleasant delicate blue textual style shading
  • Simply select Color and change from Custom to Black
  • Apply the view to all envelopes
  • From a similar view menu, select Change View
  • Select Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders.

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Outlook webmail comes from Microsoft’s enterprise webmail service called Office 365. With time, new functionalities have added to the service. There are additions for the cloud storage. These are Google Drive and Facebook photos. If you are using Google mail, you can also use Google drive. Support for Facebook photos is available. By this, the user can trace and attach the photos uploaded to the social network. All this starts from Get Outlook technical support for troubleshooting Google drive problems or dial Outlook support customer service number for live phone support services to fix Google drive technical issues.

Facebook photos and Google drive

Outlook mail provides support for dropbox and BOX online cloud services. It is not just by adding attachments that the Google drive stops. Users can open the documents and then do the editing. They can do it within the Outlook mail. If you use mobile versions of Outlook for iOS and Android, you can attach files from Google drive. Microsoft has also made the process of tracing the attachments easy in the long conversation. Read more at

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With the passage of time, the webmail service of Microsoft has undergone a change. There is a change in the design. It is all praise for the new functionality of Outlook mail. But you have to work out many areas still. When you use Outlook webmail service of Microsoft as part of the enterprise mail server, you find a deep resemblance between OWA and Outlook mail. The main reason is that the platform is same. It is office 365.

You did not see the splash screen before. As of today, it is the Outlook mail. It has rich editing tools. When the editing tools are richer, writing emails becomes an easy experience. You can dial Outlook technical support phone number for instant access to technical support services on Outlook, which help customers in fixing Outlook email issues over the phone. Read more at

Outlook Customer Service Offers Help Fix Fatal Outlook Error Ox800CCCOE


  1. Free or Paid Outlook Customer Service via Right Communication Channels

There is no dearth of Outlook issues and problems discussed by millions of Outlook users on Microsoft Outlook forums, community pages, and support centers. People usually ask for instant and reliable help on the issues, such as how to fix Outlook email problems, how to resolve Outlook update issues, how to add Gmail account in Outlook, how to get rid of Outlook send and receive email error, or how to solve login and installation issues. Overall, it can be said that people search online and run to and fro in order to have answers for Microsoft Outlook problems and solutions from someone expert in the field of managing Outlook.

The prime resource of having valid general and customer support service is to get in touch with Microsoft Outlook support center where Microsoft-certified support professionals are ready to extend a helping hand when you have no idea what to do and how to bring Outlook back in action. The channel to Microsoft Outlook support center passes from the office website of the email platform. Read more at

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You can see error no: Ox800CCCOE in the operating system of Microsoft Windows family. The error occurs if there is an issue with Microsoft Outlook Express. It arises out of a conflict with the SMTP servers [simple mail transfer protocol] when one of the programs of Microsoft Outlook Express is being used to read or browse. If you make a gist of the text message the error displays, it indicates a failure in the server. When this error comes, you are not in a position to use mails and files in a proper manner. Other cause worry is that the PC will be slowed down because of this.

 The reason of the error Ox800CCCOE

This error comes because of in-built behavior of Microsoft Outlook Express. When connected to the network, Outlook does not permit the user to send messages to SMTP server. But there is absolutely no need to worry because this error can be fixed. Some of the reasons that are the cause of the error are lack in the network connection, over-sized data files, problem with the POP3 server, indecent setting in the account and invasion of  virus or malware. Read more at

Outlook customers may also visit this link on Outlook support phone number, which help them get phone support services on Outlook email errors like Ox800CCCOE. The same number will also direct them to Outlook customer service people for technical help and billing queries over the phone.

Outlook Customer Support to Configure Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.1 PC


Microsoft Outlook is actually known as the personal information manager from Microsoft Corporation.  This is an important part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is used for the email application but also has included the calendar, the task manger, contact manager, the note taking journal and the web-browsing to offer an all-round experience to the users.  One can use it as the stand alone application that has the capability to work with the Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Customer Support for the Configuration of Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.1:

For the configuration of the Microsoft Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.1, you can find the similar instructions across the various Outlook versions. Below is given the instruction regarding the particular version namely Outlook 2013. You are free to seek the  Outlook Customer Support Services for configuration of the various versions of the Outlook. However for the Outlook 2013, you can read and understand the steps mentioned as under.

First and foremost, you have to open the Outlook page on the computer. Choose Yes on the very first page for the creation of the email account. After this, you have to tap on the Next button. Now, you can choose the Manual setup or the additional server types. After this, click the Next button. Next, you can choose the radio button by the name POP or IMAP. Now, click the Next button. Next, you can enter the credentials of email and on the right side beneath; can tap the button by the name More Settings.

The procedure mentioned above is part of the  Outlook Customer Service Support and has been explained to the user step by step so that he can understand without any obstacle.

Moving further, you can select the tab named Outgoing Server. You can check the box by the name “My outgoing server [STMP] needs authentication”. You can check the radio box by the name, “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”. Next, tap on the Advanced Tab.

Now, choose the ports and security settings interested in using. In the field named Root folder path, you can enter word named INBOX.  In order to save the changes, you have to tap on the OK button. For proceeding ahead, go to the previous page and tap the Next button.

For the confirmation of the particular certificate that is attempting the installation, you can tap on the button View certificate. After this, click the button named Installation Certificate. The next screen will permit the deposit of the certificate and shall take place under the local machine or the present user.  The next screen will also allow you to select the place of installation of the certificate. For the finalizing of the installation procedure, you can click Finish.

Now, you will witness a final confirmation page that confirms the installation of the certificate. For proceeding further, you have to tap on the Ok button. In case, you are finding any hindrance as far as the understanding of the procedure mentioned above is concerned, there is  Outlook Technical Phone Support Number available for you.

Moving further, you have to tap YES for the acceptance of the certificate on the previous security warning box. Next, you have to make the confirmation of the server, the user name and the password. For continuing, click Close. In order to complete the Set Up, tap Finish.

General Outlook Technical Support Services:

Outlook is in demand all over the world. With time, there is the need in the customer support for Outlook and requirement has become higher and higher. Microsoft as well as many genuine third party service providers offer the authentic support for the Outlook issues in association with the skilled professionals who are ready to give the due guidance in this area.

Outlook help offered by various support companies is as under:

  • Assistance for setting up the Microsoft Outlook
  • Help for exporting the contacts from Outlook
  • Synchronizing the Outlook with Gmail
  • Synchronizing the Outlook data with Yahoo
  • Methods for the logging out of the Outlook
  • Assistance for changing the password of Microsoft Outlook
  • Methods for recalling email in Outlook
  • Help for setting up of the emails in Outlook
  • Backing up of the Microsoft Outlook
  • Support for making the shared calendar on Outlook
  • Support for retracting an email in Outlook
  • Help for Microsoft Outlook configuration
  • Assistance for adding the folder on Outlook
  • Support for adding signature on Outlook

& much more

Outlook customer care is available from the major support companies across the world 24/7. This is for any type of technical or non- technical issue related to this.  The experts are ready to help to the utmost satisfaction of global customer.

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